Prescription: IVF

A few weeks ago we decided we should begin infertility treatment again. We took a break over the summer and wanted to wait until we switched my insurance, but of course it was another pregnancy announcement that made me too upset to wait any longer. So we found a clinic nearby that accepted both of our insurance and began to brace ourselves for the long windy road we started out on months before.

Our new doctor had a friendly enough greeting, and since we’ve done this before I told Billy I was fine going to the appointment by myself. I was wrong. Our doctor—let’s call him Dr. R—is, as it was later described to me, very honest.

Harsh is the word I chose. About five minutes into our consultation he had already told me we had only a 1% chance of conceiving naturally each month, and that it may never happen. Wow, and here I was hoping he’d run some new tests and praying that he’d find something the other clinic missed before—but no. Dr. R knew our previous doctor and trusted his work, and so he left me with what is now our only ray of hope: IVF.

It was definitely not what we wanted to hear, but apparently when infertility is unexplained, IVF can act as sort of a diagnostic. An expensive diagnostic. Dr. R recommended doing one more round of IUI, so that’s what we are doing this month. I have little faith it will make any difference, so we’re bracing ourselves for our first IVF in January.

Have you ever experienced similar disappointments when it comes to infertility treatments? Share your story in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Prescription: IVF

  1. I’m sorry your new doctor seems harsh, but it sounds like a good thing to be realistic. I totally relate to your statement about IVF being an expensive diagnostic 😦 We have unexplained infertility too and just finished with our first round. Still we have no clue what our problem really is, but we are going to try again in the New Year. It’s a pretty scary journey, but IVF helps overcome many of the unknowns (which will remain sadly unknown)…and it will be worth it when you finally have a little one in your arms!! Good luck!!!


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