Fall flea market find

Welcome to November everyone! It’s the official month of warm apple cider and cornbread stuffing, and Billy and I decided to kickstart the official beginning of “fall back” time with a trip to the local flea market.

Just passing by.
Just passing by.

Thanks to the end of daylight savings time, we arrived not too long after the 7 am Sunday opening. I was on the hunt for bedside tables, but also wanted to find a fun craft that could keep me busy indoors as the cold sets in. Flea markets can be pretty enjoyable if you have misophonia – especially when they’re outdoors. All the people and conflicting oldies songs blasting from each individual booth create a nice noisy atmosphere. An added bonus is that usually people aren’t eating food as they walk around looking at items (just make sure to steer clear of the kettlecorn and nacho stands—not much of a problem at 7 am).

While we didn’t find any worthy bedside tables, we did find an old door we hope to turn into a nifty utility sign for our entryway:

A worthy find.
A worthy find.

The general plan now is to turn the bottom hinged board into a shelf and add some coat hooks. Hopefully we can get this done before the holidays, so stay tuned!


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