Elk Chili for a Chilly Night

Well, the cold weather has finally set in. Gone are the 70 degree days I squandered last week (I didn’t run outside once!). Frosty mornings and chilly nights from here on out. Of course, along with the cold weather comes yummy stews, casseroles, and toasty side dishes. Because what do you really want to eat for dinner on a frigid winter night: cold crunchy salad or curl up with a bowl of warm, flavorful homemade chili?

Yep, that’s just what I was in the mood for last Friday: chili. Usually I’m not all that innovative when it comes to cooking—that’s all Billy’s job. I’m perfectly content with plain-old McCormick seasoning and following the recipe on the back of the package. But this time I was intrigued by the new supply of wild game meats at our local Mariano’s.

Billy and I had yak burgers and elk sausage when we were in Colorado this past summer, and I thought, why not go big tonight? After all, it’s Friday.

I landed on ground elk meat plainly because of the price (and also, do I really want to feed Billy camel meat?). Also, elk is high in protein, iron and selenium – all of which are good for us when we are ttc. I figured it would probably be best to deviate from my normal chili routine and find a recipe more suitable to the meat I’d chosen.

After a quick Google search I zeroed in on My Recipes Easy Elk Chili (keyword easy!). Even though I chose to follow a recipe, I did add my own creative touch: I wasn’t going to pay $5.49 for chipotle chili seasoning, so I bought the cheaper straight up Chipotle seasoning and mixed it with the chili powder we already had on hand. I also wanted to up the veggies, so I added one zucchini and one yellow squash.


The recipe is pretty easy to follow, but a word to the wise: don’t get grossed out after you add the wine. It will look more appetizing once the rest of the ingredients are added. Because it’s tough to eat piping hot chili from a plastic or paper bowl, Billy’s been gobbling up his share of the dish using a plastic spoon to avoid my trigger noises.

Chili right after adding wine
Chili right after adding wine
All done!
All done!

So make some elk chili this week and enjoy!


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