Distractions, when you just can’t shake your mood

My emotions were in rare form this past weekend.

Nothing seemed to settle me down. I was feeling too overwhelmed from the previous work week, and, frankly, too overwhelmed with all the floating pieces dancing around me that I fear will never fall into place. As I told Billy, I feel like I’m treading water, growing more tired each day and just not sure how long I can keep my head above water. We’ve all been there before, right?

So in times like these I tend to look for something that will work as a reset button, or help calm me down, or at least distract me from my current problems. Saturday, my reset button was shopping in a nearby town. The combination of bundling up with the first autumn chill, sipping on my first seasonal peppermint mocha, and seeing my first Christmas lights on the surrounding trees made me feel very fall-ish, and the new flannel shirt I grabbed served as a nice pick-me-up.

When Sunday came around, I still felt in need of more distractions. When a nice shopping trip fails I usually turn next to crafting.

I truly love crafting—the problem is I find it hard to ever finish a project with satisfaction. This time I was determined, and after digging down rabbit hole after rabbit hole on Pinterest, made a list of all the items needed to complete that wow, you made this?! craft. Of course, here I am five hours later, sipping on a glass of wine and staring at the mess of crafting materials on the table and the unfinished (and unsightly) woodburning on the birdhouse in the middle of the floor.

Well, I'm getting there.
Well, I’m getting there.

Still, it served as a distraction, right? One of these days I will actually finish the craft I set out to do (and, hopefully, get a little bit better at wood burning design).

What are some of the ways you try to beat a bad mood? Leave comments, tweet us at @ourmisolife, or send us links from your Instagram (we’re there too).


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