Dealing with the stress through sport

If you haven’t already figured it out, Kelly and I love the outdoors. Unfortunately, Chicagoland doesn’t really offer too much in the way of outdoor entertainment, especially as winter approaches. I started climbing with some friends when we lived in the city. I had access to an indoor gym as well as an outdoor climbing wall.

My old outdoor climbing wall
My old outdoor climbing wall

With the move and just getting used to the “new normal” lifestyle of the suburbs/commuting into the city for work, it’s been at least three months since I’ve climbed—maybe more. So today, I laced up and headed out to a new Vertical Endeavors climbing gym a few towns away.

My new gym
My new gym

Boy oh boy am I out of shape! During my warm-up, it felt like all the strength I was able to muster up over the summer had been completely depleted during the months of inactivity. Either way, climbing has been a way for me to enjoy the feeling of the outdoors without having it readily available. It’s been a way for me to deal with the challenges placed before me. When I conquer a wall or solve a new problem, I feel as though I still have some control in what happens to us.

Cool guy shoes
Cool guy shoes

What kinds of things do you do to help you feel alive when what’s around you just feels like monotony, or when life’s challenges seem to be out of your control?


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