Build a budget photo studio, make money, and write better [Fresh Links Friday]

It’s Friday, and we thought it’d be a good idea to try something a little fresh here. This blog is just more than a month old, and like a lot of other writers, we find ourselves constantly scouring the web for high-quality advice about how to do this thing better. It’s time to pay it forward. There’s a lot that goes into making a blog great, including making the decision to make (or not make money), take more high-quality photos, and just discipline yourself as a better writer.

So, with that, below are eight articles we’ve read this week that are inspiring us to be better bloggers.

  • Should I write everyday? ( – This was the post that started this entire list. Chris admits he can’t answer the question for you, but does a great  job telling his own story of how holding himself to specific writing goals didn’t exactly work out.
  • Blogging Tips, Secrets and More with Barbara Dolgova ( – This Q & A with prolific blogger Barbara Dolgova talks through everything under the sun that every blogger should pay attention to. My favorite question? What are the common mistakes to avoid in blogging in your opinion
  • ONE CRAZY EASY WAY TO GET MORE TRAFFIC FROM A VIRAL POST ( – You’ve heard of spin-off TV shows right? Well, this author talks about how to use what you learn about your most popular posts and use the spin-off approach to create more successes more often.
  • NanoPoblano Day 4 – Day of Failure ( – If you’re a blogger, a day will come when you feel like you’ve failed, and that day won’t feel good. I love this post because Linda writes about exactly how it feels to fail yourself and others. The beauty of it all? Even though she has no energy to write, she still writes!
  • Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules for Good Writing ( (retrieved from Tim ferriss’s five bullet Friday) – I found this one, and the next, from an email I get called Five Bullet Fridays from Tim Ferriss. This post is exactly what you would expect—lessons for writing great from a master of the craft.
  • The Day You Became a Better Writer, 2nd Look ( – I listened to Tim Ferriss’s podcast with Scott Adams (the creator of Dilbert). In this blog post Adams reflects on the one critical rule that made him a better writer—keep it simple and clear.
  • How I Used Amazon Associates To Earn My First Paycheque As A Small Blogger ( – At some point or another, bloggers are interested in making some cash off their creativity. I’ve read the Amazon Associates contracts before, and I’d agree it could be a great way for bloggers to make some money. It won’t change your world, but it could do you better than typical CPC/CPM advertising relationships (I’m looking at you Google).
  • DIY 1: How to Build Your Own Photo Studio on a Bootstrapped Budget ( – Photos can be the difference between normal and viral posts. You can do amazing things with great photos, but you don’t have to be a millionaire to buy great photo equipment and create a great environment for taking pictures.

Photo Credit: Sergei Zolkin, Unsplash


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