The best recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers

We’re in the giving mood early this week so we wanted to bring you our top favorite recipes for doing something amazing with your Thanksgiving meal leftovers. Thanksgiving food is definitely yummy, but the leftovers can get a little bland, especially as you run out of some key items (green bean casserole, I’m looking at you) earlier than others.

And, rather than just putting our own recipes together, we thought it’d be more helpful to provide a roundup of some of the better Thanksgiving leftovers recipes from across the web. So, without further ado, enjoy these great leftovers recipes.

Harvest Turkey Soup (

You could simply snack on Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches, or you could re-incorporate those ingredients into a whole new meal.

thanksgiving turkey leftovers taquitos recipe

Turkey Taquitos (

Being from Texas, Tex-Mex food is always on the top of my mind. When I was a kid, I used to always order chicken flautas when my family and I would eat out at Mexican restaurants. Well, here’s a pretty great twist on that traditional standby.

Cranberry Meatballs (

There’s a burger place in the city called DMK that has a buffalo burger topped with blueberry barbecue sauce. This idea is right in line with that flavor profile and is a solid creative addition to your fall meal plans.

Sweet Potato French Fries (

If you didn’t end up cooking all your sweet potatoes this year, one of the easiest ways to add those to your next meal is in fry form. Plus, if you’ve got folks in your family who don’t like the soft texture of sweet potatoes when they’re baked, this is another way to introduce them to all the great nutrients packed in these potatoes.

Greek-Style Dinner Pie (New York Times)

If your family likes to incorporate greens into your Thanksgiving meal, this dinner pie recipe will really ratchet things up for you. It’s not necessarily inspired by Thanksgiving, but it’s another stellar idea on how to make a meal out of those leftovers.

Turkey Pizza (

I’m may be sick of sandwiches, but I’m rarely sick of pizza. This recipe for a Thanksgiving turkey pizza will solve your winter blues.

Give It Away

It’s not exactly sanitary to give your cooked foods away to the food pantry, but if you’re like me, you over-buy canned and dry goods in an attempt to estimate just how much your guests will need. Rather than think through ways to eat those extra Thanksgiving goodies, consider giving them away to a local food bank.

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best thanksgiving leftovers recipe


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