OurMisoLife is a Liebster Nominee

213389Well, our little blog hasn’t been on the market for that long, but we’re already thanking Blog to Breathe for putting us on their Liebster Award list! If you’re not familiar with the Liebster, it’s a great way to expose readers to great blogs. If another blogger lists your blog in their Liebster list, you’re asked to write a new post with some information about yourself, and then nominate 11 other bloggers that have impacted you. So, without further ado, our Liebster response!

All nominees must …

  1. Thank the blog that nominated you and put a link in your article to their blog (done!)
  2. Write 11 random facts about yourself
  3. Answer the 11 questions that were asked by the blogger who nominated you (Blog to Breathe asked their questions here)
  4. Nominate 11 new bloggers and let them know that they were nominated

Eleven New Nominees

We’d rather focus on the other bloggers first, mostly because we think they’re great and want you to read them too.

  1. Sidereal Catalyst – http://siderealcatalyst.com
  2. The Seeker’s Dungeon – http://theseekersdungeon.com
  3. Tandem Trekking – http://tandemtrekking.com
  4. Erin’s Inside Job – http://erinsinsidejob.com
  5. Living with Authenticity – https://authenticallybeing.wordpress.com
  6. Occasional Outcry – https://occasionaloutcry.wordpress.com
  7. Thinking is the Enemy – http://thinkingistheenemy.com
  8. The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally – http://annkoplow.wordpress.com
  9. ForSandwichesOrForWorse – http://forsandwichesorforworse.wordpress.com
  10. A Patient Voice – http://apatientvoice.com
  11. I’m Fine, Stop Asking – http://imfinstopasking.com

Eleven Questions for New Awardees

  1. Best taco you ever had.
  2. Favorite place to swim.
  3. Best beach you ever layed out on.
  4. Would you rather go fishing or hiking?
  5. What kind of pet do you have or would you like to have?
  6. If you have a food truck, what would you sell?
  7. One challenge you’ve faced and beaten down.
  8. Most helpful ritual you do.
  9. Guilty pleasure.
  10. Snow or sun?
  11. Favorite thing to do when you’re at home, snuggling on the couch on a cold day.

Eleven Facts about OurMisoLife(rs)

  1. We started this blog because we felt like there wasn’t enough attention being given to misophonia, a neurological condition one of us has that affects how a sufferer responds to certain trigger noises. We also have been struggling to start a family for years now, and needed an outlet to share our thoughts and talk about what it means to pursue happiness despite life’s circumstances.
  2. If we could spend the rest of our days living in a cabin in the woods near a mountain lake, we’d do it in a heartbeat.
  3. Contrary to what we thought as kids, brussel sprouts are one of our favorite veggies.
  4. We’re one of the only 20-something couples we know who moved away from the city and LOVES the suburbs.
  5. One of us is a cat person, and one of us has become a cat person by marriage.  
  6. If we lived in the country, we’d probably have like a million cats. And a self-sustaining farm to grow all our own food.
  7. Cooking bagels is really hard. We tried once in college, failed miserable, and have been afraid of boiling dough ever since.
  8. We make really, really good steak. Suppose the Texas roots are to thank for that one.
  9. One of us gets up at 4 a.m. every day (but also goes to bed at like 9).
  10. We almost never have the same taste in movies or TV shows.
  11. Autumn is our favorite season, ever.

Eleven Questions from Blog to Breathe

  1. Biggest dream EVER
    • Kelly: If dreams could come true we’d both be Hogwarts graduates and bffs with Harry, Ron, and Hermione.
    • Billy: Lead a dystopian revolution and become the leader of the new world order (so, I just want to star in the Hunger Games).
  2. Toughest decision you ever had to make
    • We’ve had to make a lot of tough decisions, and they all had to do with moving. I’ll say moving from the city has been the hardest yet.
  3. Top 5 destinations you want to visit before you die
    • Prague
    • Vienna
    • Costa Rica
    • Alaska
    • Sweden
  4. Top 5 dishes you want to try
    • Authentic sheperd’s pie from an old English pub
    • Maine lobster (in Maine)
    • Guacamole bacon-cheddar steak burger (it’s what I want right now!)
    • Spanish Tapas (you guessed it – in Spain)
    • Shark, because why not?
  5. Top 5 destinations you don’t really feel like visiting
    • India (way too many people)
    • Greenland (too cold and too isolated)
    • Siberia (same reason as above)
    • Egypt (I hate being sandy and super hot)
    • Saudi Arabia (again it’s the sand/heat combo)
  6. The kind of people that make you happy
    • People that are honest about what’s going on with them – and that truly listen to others.
  7. Staying with locals or hotels
    • We’ve done the local thing (kinda) twice – B&B on honeymoon in Anguilla and then Airbnb in Estes Park. Loved it!
  8. Car, train, bicycle, foot?
    • Kelly: foot – I love walking!
    • Billy: Bicycle
  9. One last plane ticket ..what destination will you choose?
    • Kelly: Scotland (it just seems so magical – probably because of HP)
    • Billy: I’m with Kelly on Scotland.
  10. A dog or a cat? Umm, see above.
  11. 2 books that changed your life?
    • Kelly: Harry Potter. Seriously. Showed me the power of fantasy and good storytelling. And The Brothers Karamazov.
    • Billy: Definitely HP, but I also read this business and creative thinking book a few years back called The Opposable Mind.

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