Vision Board for 2016

Positive thinking doesn’t come natural to me. It takes practice and daily reminders to help me keep my focus. With so many exciting ventures (and possible hardships) awaiting me in the coming year, I decided to spend New Year’s Day creating my 2016 vision board:

My favorite elements:

  • Princess Leia cat. Mostly because this just makes me smile, and I need as much of that as I can get right now!
  • Nature imagery. I feel most alive when I am in the woods or near a lake. Nature inspires me to connect to my best self and appreciate my own strengths.
  • “Let your imagination run wild.” I love focusing on the power of my imagination. In the past year I’ve started working on a new book, began blogging, and dreamed up the idea that I could possibly run my own business. I want to continue to nurture my imagination in 2016.

Things to celebrate today:

  1. I finished a project!
  2. My vision board is a first step to visualizing success in 2016.
  3. Today I begin first steps in a process that will work this time!



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