Singing as relief

This won’t be much of a surprise to anyone, but it bears repeating: singing in the shower is really, really good for you.

We could go on and on here about the health and emotional benefits scientific research has related to the act of singing, but it seems sort of wasteful to do that. Rather, if that’s what you’re after, just read this blog post.

Instead, here are my 4 reasons why singing in the shower (or just singing in general) are really good for me. If you practice getting down and jiggy with your favorite tunes, why do you add to the discussion and comment on why singing is good for you?

Singing ALWAYS equals dancing

Now normally, I let loose when I’ve got some other music on. It tends to mask my own voice and it gives me a reason to crank the volume way up (you know, because I need to hear the real artist over my own voice and all). And, when the volume goes up, it’s a guarantee that I’ll start dancing around the house. Sure it’s super silly, but guess what? Dancing is active movement and it’s a guaranteed happiness maker.

Singing alone gives me a ton of confidence

I know that my voice can’t match that of my favorite artists, which is why I’ve got a day job, but that doesn’t matter in the context of my own home. There’s been a lot of research about “power poses,” which are supposed to make you feel more powerful and confident when around others. For me, singing something really loudly in private can have the same effect.

Singing reminds me that I was once musical

I played trumpet almost every day until I was 18 years old. I was also in a band at my church playing acoustic guitar, bass, and singing. Recently, as we began the trials of our first IVF, we decided that I should pick up ukulele, too. Kelly started asking me to sing her song, which I realized was really embarrassing to me, since it had been ages since I’d done that. But, the challenge re-ignited a passion inside of me that makes coming home at the end of the day extra fun!

The cat loves it

This isn’t entirely true. In fact, the cat isn’t exactly the biggest fan of noise. The last time I played my trumpet, she ran and hid with the first little toot. However, when I do start singing, the tunes cause her to look at me with an extremely silly face that she usually only makes when I’m making that kind of noise.

So, for all of you looking for some relief in a common and scientifically proven practice, take some time to sing and dance today. Find some tunes you love and belt it out. If you’re worried about others hearing you, just know that if they do hear you, they’ll be jealous of how happy you are in that moment.


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